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Happy New Year!


So here it is. Here is the blurb to Fallen!


And so, all that passion, pain and practice had come down to this single moment. With the moon shining bright above my head, like an enormous, mystic lamp, I realised that it was now or never. It was do or die.

Alex Raven has come an extremely long way since she first experienced her ‘awakening’. On her journey, she has fought perilous evils, made powerful friendships and has vowed to stay strong, particularly when it comes to affairs of the heart. Now, Alex must make sure that she puts into practise all she has learnt since her story began, in order to stand a chance at defeating Felonious Magnus Mortimer. So begins the final chapter of this epic tale, as two conflicting forces collide, leading to one, spectacular, final outcome. It’s an outcome that will determine the future fate of all on Earth. It’s an outcome that will leave serious repercussions for heroes and villains alike. It’s an outcome that will reveal the nature of the elusive VIth Element …

Love Adele Rose XX

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