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Hi everyone! we go again. Another COVID Christmas. This time though, I hope you are managing to see your families and are safe and healthy. They are the most important gifts this time of year. Please don't forget that. I'm grateful for those gifts each and every day, especially as, this year, some of the most important people in my life won't be sharing Christmas with me as usual. They are always in my heart though <3

Speaking of presents. Please do find yours below!

Yes. You're right.

Tempted is HERE!

Order it as an ebook NOW on Amazon. Here is the UK link ->

A paperback version will follow shortly.

I hope you love it. I really do. I had an absolute blast writing Tempted and am looking forward to seeing how Clara and the gang will finish. IT'S SO EXCITING!

Until then though, Happy Christmas, stay safe and much love!

X Adele Rose X

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