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Adele Rose lives in the UK and, technically, she is an adult. However, Adele likes to think that she is still a teen who is refusing to grow-up and has always loved writing fiction in her “free-time”. 


Adele particularly enjoys writing Young Adult fiction and her interests include Music (she sings, plays the flute and attempts to play the piano) reading (she is normally found reading several books at once) and watching TV (she has an unhealthy obsession with various TV programmes, including ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Sherlock’!). 


Adele holds her family at the centre of all she does and would love to meet as many readers as possible. If you want to say ‘hi’, talk about/review/rate her books or chat about how awesome fandoms are then please subscribe and visit the links at the top and bottom of her website.

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