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The debut epic fantasy series by the author Adele Rose that will leave you hungry for more and wanting to share the elemental love.





Book One: 'The VIth Element' Series


IBSN: 978-1520115160

Alex's Checklist:


Being targeted by a 'tangoed' psychopath: CHECK

Having a relationship life that currently sucks: CHECK

Experiencing an Awakening: CHECK. Wait...what?


Before Alexandra Raven’s ‘AWAKENING’, her life could be summed up in one word – repetitive. Then, boom. In a pivotal moment, Alex finds out that she can control the element of water – something that she once thought was fictional and can’t believe her luck. However, is this gift a blessing or a curse? Alex is required to leave her old life behind, including her family and David - the boy who promised to stick by her no matter what. What’s more, danger lurks in another dimension. This danger can only be destroyed through loyalty, perseverance and friendship and will turn Alex’s life, in more ways than one, upside down...

Book Two: 'The VIth Element' Series


IBSN: 978-1983326769

   There are three things about me that you should know by now. The first…that I prefer to be called Alex. The second…that I can control the element of water. The third…that I have nearly committed manslaughter…twice!  

Go me!


Since becoming a full-time student at Vladimir’s academy for gifted students - students who aren’t necessarily gifted in terms of academia (although most of them do have a brain) Alex has had a lot to cope with. This long list includes: boys, bullies and beasts. Now, on top of these reoccurring problems, Alex is about to encounter even more drama. Her enemy has a deadly advantage. It is an advantage that will spell disastrous consequences for all. It is an advantage that is threatening to consume Alex whole. It is an advantage that involves a particular power – the power of ‘POSSESSION’... 

Book Three: 'The VIth Element' Series

ASIN: B07261934W

IBSN: 978-1983348822

I often ask myself why life always picks on me. I mean...come on. Surely I deserve a break once in a while. That's not too much to ask for? Then, I realised that if life didn't always pick on me, my existence would be pretty boring! After all, who else can say that they have kicked some serious butt and lived to tell the tale?

Once, Alex Raven was an ordinary girl who faced difficult day-to-day challenges. Then, she experienced an 'awakening'. This life-changing event not only led her to be able to do amazing things - things like controlling the element of water, but also allowed her to find friends who accepted her for who she was. However, life wasn’t destined to be that simple for this once ordinary girl. Instead, life had far darker plans! These dark plans led Alex to experience a possession of the evilest kind - a possession that resulted in her soul being 'SHATTERED' from her body, leaving Alex trapped in a limbo land between life and death. Now, relentlessly plagued by evil in all forms, Alex is constantly in fear of what is around the next corner and is uncertain about whom she can trust. To make matters worse, a sinister game is being played. 

In this game, the stakes, particularly for Alex, are high. 

In this game, the stake is her soul…

How do you fix a shattered soul?
The question is not how but can...

Book Four: 'The VIth Element' Series


IBSN: 978-1717929488

By now, I was almost certain that my life was far from normal - what was considered to be "normal" anyway in my surreal existence. I mean…I had battled numerous beings from the stuff of nightmares, could summon a range of elements at the flick of the wrist and survived both being possessed and shattered (albeit not at the same time, but still pretty impressive) within the space of a few months. Therefore, if anything, the line that surrounded the definition of “normal” had, at least in my case, been well and truly obscured. I was also almost certain that my achievements would have sent the message out to those far and wide to leave me alone. Clearly, they didn’t get the memo...

Alex Raven has had a lot to come to terms with since experiencing her ‘awakening’. Discovering her powers, joining the Academy, facing love and betrayal, fighting her way out of a hellish otherworld, reclaiming her soul, and experiencing boy drama at a ridiculously high level, have all been challenging. Really, she deserves a medal! Unfortunately, her list of trials is only going to get longer and harder. As Alex's treacherous journey continues and she learns more about the arduous task that lays ahead, Alex finds herself and so do many others, TORN in more ways than one …

How strong are YOU when it comes to affairs of the heart?

Book Five: 'The VIth Element' Series


Getting to my feet, so that I stood proud and tall, I acknowledged that all the passion, pain and practise had come down to this single moment. With the moon shining brightly above my head, like an enormous, mystic lamp, I realised that it was now or never. It was do or die.

Alex has come an extremely long way since she first experienced her ‘awakening’. On her journey, she has fought perilous evils, made powerful friendships and has vowed to stay strong, particularly when it comes to affairs of the heart. Now, Alex must make sure that she puts into practise all she has learnt since her story began, in order to defeat Felonious Magnus Mortimer once and for all. So begins the final chapter of this epic tale, as powerful conflicting forces collide, leading to one, spectacular, final battle.

It’s a battle that will determine the future fate of all on Earth.

It’s a battle that will have serious repercussions for heroes and villains alike.

It’s a battle that will, in no uncertain terms, reveal the mysterious nature of the elusive VIth Element

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