Praise for 'The VIth Element Series': 
"First thing comes to my mind after I complete the book: Nice read.
This book satisfies me with my interest in the school for extraordinary people with extra ordinary powers. The story moved in a steady pace. The title of the novel perfectly describes what you can expect in the book." Gowri, Goodreads 4 Stars
 "[Awakening] picks up over time and Miss Rose delivers a tale that is familiar, but with enough twists to keep it interesting." Avid Reader, Amazon 4 Stars
"I still would recommend this to YA readers (especially those who enjoy 'magic schools' and books like 'The Circle')" M.M. Wedin, Goodreads
"Your piece is amazing. I've done reading but I can't stop from re-reading it again." Sarah, Wattpad
"Awesome and admirable work. Keep it up." Munyanke, Wattpad
This was fantastic. 
This was epic.
I NEED 'Shattered' and I need it now.
Right NOW!" Kristie, Goodreads. 5 Stars
"This is one such author that likes to keep her readers guessing and leaves a meaningful cliffhanger where one wants to come back and read the sequel." Jo, Goodreads
"I have to say that is a great book...a fascinating story." Helena, Wattpad