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Reviews, Ratings and Newsletters

Hi everyone,

So I'm just writing a quick blog post for a couple of reasons. The first is to say don't forget to review and rate my books. It would be lovely to hear your thoughts via Amazon or Goodreads and it would be great if you could share the love with family, friends and even pets if you really enjoy my novels. I know my dog enjoys listening to excerpts (more so that my flute playing or singing). Plus, having more opportunities to discuss Felonious Mortimer is always an added bonus!

The second thing is to remind you that you can always subscribe through my website and become a VIP! By doing this, you can get the chance to receive a MONTHLY NEWSLETTER plus other bonuses so that's always a positive. All it takes is your e-mail and a click and then you're done, ready to delve further into my (hopefully entertaining if not slightly random) world.

Thanks for reading my books and looking forward to hearing from you via social media or through e-mail!

Love Adele Rose x



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