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Hey everybody!

So I am super excited to share this blog post with you. As I'm sure you've guessed from the hints I've dropped, below you will find the first Chapter from FALLEN - Book 5 in 'The VIth Element Series'.

I will also be releasing the second chapter on 28th December 9:00 UK time!


I still feel emotional writing this post. I can't believe Alex's epic journey is coming to an end. She and many others have come so far since I first published Awakening! Anyway, I know I'm delaying the inevitable and so, without further delay, here is the first chapter...


Chapter 1: Mortimer

The scream that ripped through Darkvoid Dimension was the kind of scream that would have sent any normal person into insanity. It was the kind of scream that would have caused unthinkable shivers to scuttle down ones back. It was the kind of scream that would stop one’s heart in a single beat, or at least caused a severe, paralytic state. In this case, the effect of the scream did none of the above.

Instead, the effect was beyond unnerving.

That was because the only person who heard such a scream and, more importantly, the only person who had caused such a scream, was no other than Felonious Magnus Mortimer. With handsome eyes dancing with disturbing euphoria and a strong, well-defined mouth open in glorious laughter, Mortimer took immense pleasure in tormenting the unfortunate individual who was laid, exposed and broken on a table of spikes. Each spike was dripping with blood, for every blow to the individuals back pushed him further and further down onto such a device, so much so that one of the very long, lethal spikes was now protruding from his eyeball and another had gone straight through his knee cap. Also attached to this unfortunate victim were various, long, thin tubes, which seemed to be pumping his body with a strange, reddish liquid. Oh…how wonderful the day was turning out to be.

It was, most certainty, a Christmas to remember forever.

The pain that the individual was feeling was evident in the next scream he released, in addition to the tears and sobs that rolled down his cheeks and wracked his chest. He whimpered, begging for the torture to end.

“P…please?” The individual stammered, crippled with agony. “P…please. No more…I beg you!”

Mortimer’s answer was to lash him once more with a long, thin whip of fire. It scorched the person’s skin, causing a large clump to burn away, exposing bone and other entrails. This was the best Christmas present ever. On that note, the macabre tree that sat in the corner mirrored Mortimer’s wrath by releasing a flood of blood from the hideous skull that sat at the top. The nature of the skull was, naturally, only known to Mortimer. It wasn’t human though - that much was certain, from the size down to the engraved patterns on the hardened surface and the tusks that protruded from the bottom. As for the blood, it ran down the blackened branches, before magically fading away in preparation for another violent outburst.

The individual howled.

“No more?” Mortimer raged, his blackened heart filled with so much fury that it threatened to explode. “NO MORE. YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THE CONCEQUENCES BEFORE YOU BETRAYED ME!” And with that, he lashed out at Suffering once more, taking immense pleasure in hearing the squelch of his eyeball pop out. It rolled along the ground, before settling next to Mortimer’s pale, bare foot. Mortimer kicked it away angrily, ignoring the sickening sounds now coming from behind him where dark things lurked and feasted on this body part. Instead, his attention was focused solely on Suffering, who cried in self-pity.

“I…I didn’t mean to betray you.” Suffering sobbed, the muscles of his back arching as wave after wave of unimaginable pain consumed every inch of his body. “I…I…I let my h…heart rule my h…head -”

“And that was your MISTAKE!” Mortimer interrupted, slamming his fist down on Suffering’s broken leg, enjoying the sound of his bones snapping further and the screech that Suffering let out. Blood coated his hand. He simply wiped it away casually on the trousers of his suit. “NEVER listen to your heart. NEVER let it rule your thoughts. NEVER...GIVE…IN. I’ve told you that on a number of occasions. Otherwise, you will pay…just like I did…just like you are now.”

With a swirl of his hand, the fiery whip disappeared, as did the spikes. Suffering landed with a plop on the cold, smooth, bloody surface of the table and didn’t move. Mortimer tutted. With another twist of his wrist, the chains that covered Suffering’s hands tightened and he was suspended high in the air, facing Mortimer, exposing his battered, bloody and bruised torso. Mortimer stepped forward and slapped Suffering harshly across the cheek. The sound of his action echoed around the chamber, until it could be heard no more.


No response.

Instead, Suffering’s head went floppy, with black hair sticking to his sweaty and grimy face and his intact crimson-rimmed eye was closed. Mortimer knew instantly that he was unconscious. With a sneer, Mortimer growled. It as a deep, disturbing sound that rang around the chamber. A few moments afterwards, he watched on in satisfaction as Suffering’s body slowly began to heal. His blood, which was continually being pumped into Suffering’s blood stream, did its job perfectly. It kept Suffering in human form – perfect for the torture Mortimer was inflicting on his treacherous demon servant. It also healed all injuries, so that he was prepped for another round of delightful beatings. Gradually, flesh grew back, bones healed and innards repaired. Right now, Mortimer noted that Suffering’s original eyeball had grown back. Blood still leaked from the previous empty socket. It ran down his chin like a small river, before dripping on the floor. That wasn’t the first time Suffering had lost his eye.

It wouldn’t be the last.

When the last of Suffering’s wounds had mended, Mortimer eventually turned on his heel and left the room. He’d be back again when Suffering had regained consciousness. Right now, he needed time to recover and to reflect on his thoughts. Anyway, Mortimer wanted to visit his other victim now – one that had almost rendered him speechless when he had first laid eyes on him. He hadn’t expected that entrance or outcome for sure. As soon as he had opened the chamber doors, Mortimer was surprised to find Pain hovering just outside the entrance. Pain was evidently startled by Mortimer’s sudden appearance. Clearly, he hadn’t expected him to finish his round of torture so soon. He did his best to keep the majority of his reaction under check.

“Why are you here?” Mortimer snapped, his eyebrow raised suspiciously. Although his demon servant had showed his loyalty to the extreme in recent days, after Suffering’s betrayal, a small part of him had lost all faith in his servants. “I didn’t call for you!”

At hearing his master’s question, Pain bowed his head submissively. He touched the floor with one of his elongated claws.

“I wondered if you needed any assssisstance massster.” He asked, his voice filled with an earnest quality. He rose slowly, failing to meet Mortimer’s intense stare. “It hass been hard to drown out SSSSuffering’s criess of pain asss I have floated about, doing my usssual dutiesss.”

The silence that followed Pain’s offer seemed to stretch until it became almost unbearable. Mortimer studied Pain intently, scrutinising every movement…every breath he uttered. It seemed like Suffering had proposed a genuine offer, especially as Mortimer was very good at telling when someone wasn’t quite being honest. After all, he was a master himself at manipulation and lying. Nevertheless, how Suffering had managed to slip through the net and the pain it had caused him would never leave his heart. There was only one other time Mortimer had felt as betrayed by someone he had once held loyal and that had broken him. He would NOT let Suffering’s decision get the better of him. He had learnt from his mistakes.

Eventually, Mortimer shook his head.

“Your assistance is not required.” He ultimately replied, scowling. “I will be the one to torture Suffering repeatedly until he repents and cracks. That will be his punishment – his only punishment.” Mortimer hesitated for a few short seconds, before continuing. “What you could do though is go and check on our guest before I make my daily visit. I do hope they are still in their cell. It was such a shame to move them from the residential quarters I previously created especially for them but, there you go, even I can’t predict the future.”

For the first time since their conversation had begun, Pain met Mortimer’s weighty gaze. His own dark eyes never left Mortimer’s, until Mortimer was sure that he was going to flinch. He didn’t. Even so, just at the end, his face gave far more away than Mortimer had. Anger, hurt and frustration flickered across his fiery body, until Pain managed to bow once more.

“Asss you wissh massster.” He soon said, nodding. And with that, he disappeared, leaving Mortimer standing there in the corridor.

Mortimer had a few moments to contemplate what had just occurred. A sharp pain to his temple told him that he was being summoned. Mortimer let out a snarl of frustration. Not the best of timings by any stretch of the imagination. All the same, interrogating his visitor would have to wait. The pull of the summoning was too much. Disappearing into his own chambers and making sure that his room was free from preying eyes and ears, Mortimer settled himself down on his bed and closed his eyes. As soon as he did so, he felt sleep calling to him…willing that he give in and oh boy, did he want to. Such a huge part of his heart was desperate…hungry even for sleep – the kind of sleep that you might never wake from.


Mortimer shook himself. No. He wouldn’t give into such thoughts. Not yet, at least. Not when he still had a duty to fulfill, certainly to his heart. Instead, channeling all his energy into the incoming psychic link that slowly wormed its way into his brain, until it became almost like an annoying parasite, he allowed himself to be consumed by a flash of white light. Before he knew it, he was standing at the edge of a deep lake. The waves lapped again his bare toes, but he didn’t feel anything. A selection of ducks waded their way across the lake, only to angrily start squawking as a rival group invaded their patch. Their movements caused the surface of the lake to ripple, until the water went over his feet in a rhythmic cycle. The sound of heavy breathing behind him caused Mortimer to turn rapidly.

When he saw who was facing him, Mortimer smiled.

“My friend.” He said, clapping the person harshly on the shoulder and bringing them closer into his chest. Mortimer game them a powerful hug. Once the greeting was over, he released the person who had summoned him to this meeting point. “It’s good to see you. I was getting worried that you hadn’t updated me since we last spoke, but I have to say that I am impressed. You really are getting stronger and better at using our psychic link. I assume that my blood is working a treat. That bottle I created for my demon servants to use was a blessing in disguise. Who knew it had such powerful qualities – qualities that allowed me to sire blood servants, as well as spirit ones? Hopefully, this one would be more loyal than those who I had once held dear.” Then, after chuckling, Mortimer frowned. “Do tell me though,” he added, “why have you summoned me? What is it that you want to talk to me about?”

For a moment, the person didn’t speak. However, with shaking breaths, they revealed all to Mortimer.

“Alexandra Raven is in extremely bad shape.” They said slowly, updating Mortimer to everything that had transpired since that fateful night, not that long ago. “She has not spoken since her brother was taken from her by your demon servant or the boy named Lucifer – the one whom she was in love with – was killed by the dagger. She hasn’t eaten or drunk for days and she has locked herself away, refusing to talk to anyone...even me. Due to this problem,” the person finalised, “I am at a loss of how to further our plans. What should I do? Do advise me…sire?”

The moment he had finished speaking, Mortimer rested his head in his hands and scratched his chin. Blast. This did not sound good. I mean…Mortimer expected a reaction to such a traumatic situation, but this? This really wasn’t helpful. Damn Pain for being so clumsy and damn girls and how emotional they were. They really were ridiculous.

After a long pause and scratching his head, Mortimer sighed.

“To be honest,” Mortimer said, “this is going to be tricky. If you go in too hard, you’ll lose her. If you go in too soft, you’ll lose her. Then, we would have lost. All I can suggest is that use what you know about Alex and the others to bring her round. Be there for her. Once she has exhausted her tears, she’ll want revenge. She’ll want it so badly that she’ll find a way to come to me and when she does, we’ll both be ready. I hope that helps.”

After Mortimer had offered his advice, the person who had summoned him nodded their head, before speaking.

“I’ll do my best.” They said. “I promise.”

Mortimer simply smiled.

“You better and be careful.” He concluded. “We don’t want anyone…suspecting things.” And with that, he signalled for the one who had summoned him to leave. At the last moment and just before the turrets of Vladimir’s academy disappeared, Mortimer halted them in their tracks. “Oh…and one more thing. Don’t let me down. Otherwise, I’ll kill you and your family.” He casually added for good measure.

The person who had summoned just nodded.

“I won’t.” And with that, with a twirl, they disappeared into the fading light, breaking the connection and leaving Mortimer to ponder the fates of all those who were left, hanging in the balance, just like his.

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