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Hey everyone!'s been a while since I have written a blog post. As both Alex and Clara would say, I'm "guilty as charged." However, irrespective of this terrible fact, I hope to brighten up your day by revealing the news that I am hosting ANOTHER giveaway to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Awakening's Amazon publication date!

Let's all copy the minion cheers

Now, here's the bad news. I thought I'd get this over and done with first.

This giveaway is open to UK entrants ONLY.

This decision wasn't made lightly, especially as I love interacting with as many readers as possible. I hope you can forgive me!

Anyway, onto the good news...

Like I said before, it's been FIVE years since Awakening was born into the publishing world - five glorious years. In this time, I have since released the subsequent four additional novels and published the first book in a paranormal romance trilogy. Most importantly though, I've begun to make friends with some incredible readers and writers, all whilst trying to hone my writing skills and find my voice. I've still got a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere and I finally feel like I'm running now and no longer walking.

Now, on the happy note, I wish each and every entrant GOOD LUCK.

The T&Cs for this giveaway can found below, along with the link to the giveaway, which is located at the bottom of this post:


Giveaway Name: Awakening

Sponsor: Adele Rose

Contact Details:

Eligibility: Giveaway open to UK entrants only.

Number of Winners: 2

Prizes Given to Winner: A signed copy of Awakening

Giveaway Starts: 14.8.21 12:00am PT

Giveaway Ends: 11.9.21 11:59pm PT

How to Enter: There are different methods of entry:

1) _Free entry_ You will receive one point for this. You will need to supply your name, address and country. This option is mandatory.

2) _Visit my author Facebook page_ You will receive two points for this and this option is mandatory.

3) _Following me on Twitter_ You will receive three points for this and this option is mandatory.

4) _Leaving a blog post comment_ COMMENT ON THIS POST ABOUT THE FOLLOWING: What intrigues you the most about Awakening. You will receive three points for this and this option is mandatory.

5) _Answer a question_ Which element would you most like to control? Why? Leave your answers on my Facebook giveaway post. You will receive three points for this and this option is mandatory.

6) _Tweeting a message_ Share the elemental love by tweeting a pre-written message to your followers. You will receive 4 points for this. Entrants can do this option once each day and this option is mandatory.

Now for the BEST option, as it earns 5 points!

7) _Subscribe to my newsletter on my website_ You have to have to confirm your subscription to my newsletter in order to be eligible. MY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION CAN BE FOUND ON THE HOME PAGE.

All tasks are OPTIONAL. Entrants willingly choose whether to complete the tasks listed above.

Social Network Disclaimers: The social media sites where I may share my giveaway announcement or use to gain entry points do not endorse, sponsor, or administer my giveaway.

Winner Selection: The winners will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter’s generator.

Winner Notification: I will be contacting the winner and this is usually through the email address provided by the entrant.

Shipping: It will take 2 - 3 weeks after winners have been chosen to ship the signed copies of my novel. I won’t be held liable for prizes that are damaged or lost in transit. All prizes are mailed in excellent condition.

Privacy Policy: All information will be kept private and that the only data you will use will be for the purposes of contacting the winners and shipping the prizes. Read more about Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy here -

Book Review: Although this is not a requirement when entering this giveaway, a book review of Awakening would be greatly appreciated if you are to either win this giveaway or are inspired to read my novel and, hopefully, subsequent series.

Here is the giveaway link -> <a class="rcptr" href="" rel="nofollow" data-raflid="136693bb1" data-theme="classic" data-template="" id="rcwidget_0hv7lqm2">a Rafflecopter giveaway</a>

Happy reading!

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Aug 28, 2021

What intrigues me most about this book is the cover, it looks very mystical


Rich Tyler
Rich Tyler
Aug 20, 2021

Love a new reading escape, sounds great


Aug 15, 2021

this looks exciting - i always like finding new writers to read.

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