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‘To die, or not to die. That is the question.’

‘To die, or not to die. That is the question.’

For most authors, this is a question that is constantly resurfacing.

We think of a character.

We write said character.

We kill/not kill said character.

It seems like a fairly familiar cycle.

For me, I usually decide whether I want to ‘kill-off’ a character or not half way through writing. Sometimes, it can be at the last moment. This is because I spend much of my writing career obsessing over and growing far too attached to said character than would be deemed to be healthy or “normal”. Many of you probably feel the same. On that note, why do I therefore decide to cause myself (and others) so much torment? Wouldn’t it be kinder to let everyone live ‘happily ever after’?

I’ll let you determine my answer from the following reasons:

Reason One: Said character’s worthy of death.

Reason Two: Said character’s death plays a huge role in the upcoming and overarching plot.

Reason Three: Said character’s death means the story becomes instantly more interesting and intriguing.

Reason Four: I’m a black-hearted monster.

Reason Five: All of the above!

Happy Halloween!

P.s. I saw this GIF and thought Yesssssssssss!

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