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Happy Christmas!

It’s finally here.

Christmas Day is here!

One part of me wants to fling off the covers, run downstairs, find that precious stocking hanging up on the fireplace and rip open my presents with fervent intent. The other half? It wants to stay in bed all day, sleeping under a mound of warm, cosy, soft, furry material. I’ll let you into a secret. It’s my childish nature that wins. So, after having opened my presents and gorged myself on sweets, the time has come to give you your present. It is a present that I hinted at in one of my past blog posts, which updated you about SHATTERED.

"What is this present?" You may ask.

Well, my answer is: "Look below and find out!"

I often ask myself why life always picks on me. I mean, come on, surely I deserve a break once in a while? That’s not too much to ask for? Then I realised that if life didn’t always pick on me, my existence would be pretty boring! After all, who else can say that they have kicked some serious butt and lived to tell the tale?

Once, Alexandra Raven was an ordinary girl who faced difficult day-to-day challenges. Then, she experienced an ‘awakening’. This life-changing event not only led her to be able to do amazing things - things like controlling the element of water, but also allowed her to find friends who accepted her for who she was. However, life wasn’t destined to be that simple for this once ordinary girl. Instead, life had far darker plans! These dark plans led Alex to experience a possession of the evilest kind - a possession that resulted in her soul being SHATTERED from her body, leaving Alex trapped in a limbo land between life and death. Now, relentlessly plagued by evil in all forms and constantly in fear of what is around the next corner, Alex is uncertain about whom she can trust. What’s more, a sinister game is being played. In this game, the stakes for all, especially Alex, are high.

In this game, the stake is her soul


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