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Happy Christmas!

The first thought that might cross your mind when reading this blog post is why is there a GIF of a cat dressed up as Santa?

My answer to your question...WHY NOT? I mean look it it! It's so damn cute...and a little freaky...but we'll skip that thought and focus on the positives. After all, it is CHRISTMAS!!!!

Now *ahem* lets get to the real reason you're here - the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

I'll guide you through the unwrapping procedure.

Gradually...ever so place your hand on the mouse. Then, with equal slowness, you move the cursor over to the down arrow on the screen.

Now, the next bit is important.

You close your eyes, until only a single thought clouds your mind. What is the present going to be? Your breathing increases and you gasp a little, as excitement and anticipation floods your veins.

Carefully, you click the down arrow and hold it for what might feel like a lifetime (but is actually a few seconds) until you can see the present, hiding just underneath.

You open your eyes.

At seeing this amazing present, you let out a loud squeal of delight, which causes those family members you may or may not have over for Christmas to come rushing see if you're alright!

You shake you head because your brain is still whirling.

You point frantically at the screen and say: "It's the cover for BOOK FOUR in 'THE VIth ELEMENT SERIES'. I can't believe it. All my dreams have come true. Thank you Adele Rose. I will worship you to the ends of the Earth and back again."



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