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Happy New Year! after an eventful New Years Eve, here I bring you something that might help you recover...

By now, I was almost certain that my life was far from normal - what was considered to be "normal" anyway in my surreal existence. I mean…I had battled numerous creatures, worlds and beings from the stuff of nightmares, could summon a range of elements at the flick of the wrist and survived both being possessed and shattered (albeit not at the same time, but still pretty impressive) within the space of a few months. Therefore, if anything, the line that surrounded the definition of “normal” had, at least in my case, been well and truly obscured. I was also almost certain that my achievements would have sent the message out to those far and wide to leave me alone. Clearly, they didn’t get the memo...

Alex has had a lot to come to terms with since experiencing her ‘awakening’. Discovering her powers, joining the Academy, facing love and betrayal, fighting her way out of a hellish otherworld, reclaiming her soul, and experiencing boy drama at a ridiculously high level, have all been challenging.

Really, Alex deserves a medal!

Unfortunately, her list of trials is only going to get longer and harder.

As Alex's treacherous journey continues and she learns more about the arduous task that lays ahead, she finds herself and so do many others, TORN in more ways than one …


<3 TORN will be available to download on 14TH FEBRUARY 2017, although you will be able to pre-order it before then and stay tuned to see sneak peeks of the first THREE chapters leading up to the release date!<3

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