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Sup y'all! It's Adele Rose here (not like you didn't know that already).

It's so GOOD to be writing a proper blog post. I feel like I haven't done one for a while actually, which is true. Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering why I am making the effort to write such a lengthy post so hold no fear...the time has come to reveal my very reasoning.

The reason why you are enduring such a long wait is because I want to tell you that, for the past year, I have been working on an entirely NEW NOVEL!!!!!!!

Yes. Bring out the cake, poppers, banners and anything else you want to throw into the mix. I know I'm doing a somewhat weird dance now writing this but, hey, each to their own. Anyway, back to the important stuff.

This novel, which I will name PROJECT X for now, is filled to the brim with a whole host of new characters, settings, drama and a huge dollop of mystery too. Oh...and I can't forget the hint I've left in the title of this post too. Yes. That may leave you guessing on the edge of your seat for a while ;)

I also thought I'd be kind enough to leave you with a quote, which might tingle your taste buds.

“Death is only the beginning...”

Still, now that I've delivered this exciting news, I might as well let you know that within the next few months I will be revealing the cover and title of the book! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I will be following this post with one containing the blurb. Don't say I don't love you!

So...without further adieu, I hope I've left you in a good mood wherever you are and stay tuned for the next update a.k.a. THE COVER REVEAL designed by yours truly like always :)

Adele Rose X

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