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Torn: Chapter One is the first chapter of TORN - BOOK 4 in 'The VIth Element Series'. I hope it lives up to your expectations!


When I eventually woke up, I felt the warm sunlight tickle my face. After being in coldness for so long, as well as the dark, the heat the sun provided was wonderful. The same couldn’t be said for the light. It blinded me.

“Crap,” I cursed, wincing.

My eyes stung, my head hurt and I felt awful.

“Good morning to you too.” David’s voice roused me from the previous darkness.

I chuckled.

His hand on mine bought me comfort.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, wincing as I heaved myself up.

He was by my side in a flash

“Too long,” he answered. “Are you sure you should be getting up?” he added, his voice betraying his uncertainty. “You’ve had one hell of a ride and I think that you should rest some more.”

“Alright Dr. Armstrong,” I retorted, grinning, before reaching for my water. “Don’t stress. I’m fine.”

My arm was as floppy as a fish.

David threw me a knowing look.

“Not stressing about you is not an option,” he answered, sitting next to me on my bed. I lost my balance, due to his added weight and nearly knocked over my drink. “That’s my job, especially after all you’ve been through.”

Once I had securely grasped the cup, I gulped down my drink faster than I should have. Man. That tasted good. I hadn’t had a proper drink since forever and my throat felt itchy and dry. Before long, I realised that I was going to regret my hasty actions. I felt my chest groan. It was then that I noticed the bags under his eyes. Jeez, had David even slept since I had returned from my date with death? I forgot the war that was rapidly occurring between my upper respiratory track and my stomach.

“When was the last time you rested?” I dared to enquire, knowing full well what the answer would be.

He pretended to ignore me.

“What’s with the new hair cut?” he asked, deflecting my question and gesturing to my head. “I meant to ask earlier but you fell asleep in my arms. It’s a bit severe, isn’t it?”

I could tell from his face that he was in two halves with my dramatically, altered look.

As soon as he had finished, I sighed. Bad memories began to resurface. Sensing my reluctance at his insensitivity, David backed down.

“Sorry,” he replied, before getting up and heading over to the long table, at the end of my bed. Surprisingly, it was brimming with food. “Fancy something to eat?”

Relieved that he wasn’t pressing me further, I nodded. It was then that the pressure in my chest was relieved.

I blushed and David chuckled.

“How does chocolate sound to you?” he continued, holding up the colourful packet.

He knew me too well.

Nodding, David picked up a bar of ‘Dairy Milk Caramel’, before opening it up, breaking off a piece for himself and handing the rest to me. After thanking him, I asked him why there was so much food.

“When the other students heard what had happened to you,” he explained through a mouthful of caramel. “Many wanted to bring you gifts. There was lots of food but, since you’ve been out cold for such a long time, I ate some before it went off. I hope you don’t mind.”

After listening to his explanation, it took me a while to respond, as I slowly digested his words.

Eventually, I spoke.

“Of course I don’t mind, although I’m sure you found that quite a challenge.” I said, smiling. Then, my face turned serious. “As for sending me gifts, it shows you just how fickle people can be. One minute, they hate you and think that you’re a freak. The next, they love you and hope that you get better.”

Taking one last bite of the chocolate bar, I placed it on the bedside cabinet.

“Because of that,” I told David, waving my hand towards the table. “Eat of this what you like. I’m not touching anything else.”

For a moment, David didn’t know what to say. As he thought about my answer, I could see his brain ticking away, analysing it. When he had come to a conclusion, I saw deep respect and surprise burning within his gaze.

That spurred me on.

“Along that line,” I continued, now finding the strength to stand up. The room swayed a little, but my defiance kicked in, despite David’s growing protest. “I’ve been cooped up in this place for far too long and I think that there’s a few people I’d like to see.”

Not giving him a chance to reply, I headed towards the door.

“You coming?” I called back to him.

David’s answering footsteps confirmed my suspicions.

Smiling, I walked over to the medical wing doors. They held a few memories now – some that truthfully, I would like to forget. Even so, now that I was back, I wasn’t going to let anyone bring me down.

That was a promise.

Pushing them open, I stepped into the surrounding corridor, with fire burning in my stomach and passion in my heart.

Watch out world, I thought, as a rush of air hit me, full pelt. Alex is BACK and she’s here to stay, whether you like it or not!

Stay tuned for the next chapter release!

Adele Rose

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