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Hey all!

So first of all I apologise for taking so long to write Fallen. Ideally, I had anticipated finishing it sooner. Life never quite works out like that though as I'm sure you know. Even so, Alex called out to me - willing me to finish her tale. Before I knew it, the first draft of Fallen was completed!


I needed to recover after that. So many emotions were coursing throughout my body when I realised I had typed those two, monumental worlds - THE END.

Alex yet again got me going.

After editing, Fallen is now completed and is ready to be released with the world.

When is Fallen being released? I hear you ask.


Fallen will be available to pre-order in ebook format until then. A paperback version of the book will be available to purchase in due course. Sorry for any problems this may cause!


Until then, I will leave you with the knowledge that I will be releasing the first few chapters of Fallen over the next few weeks.

The first chapter will be released on CHRISTMAS DAY - 25TH DECEMBER at 12:00 UK time!


Hope to see you there :)

Adele Rose X

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