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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

So here it is.

Here is the blurb for Tempted - Book Two in 'The Devil's Secret' Trilogy!

*Author squeals*

The course of true love never runs smoothly...

Some would say that curiosity was my downfall.

I would say it was the making of me.

My name is Clara and, up until recently, I was a ghost. Then, I met Adam and everything changed. Secrets, danger and drama seemed to follow us wherever we went, including the revelations that I had been damned by a psychopathic demon - cursed to walk the Earth, alone, for the rest of eternity and Adam's was, in fact, a grim reaper. More specifically, he was my reaper. Needless to say, as my world gradually unraveled, things swiftly became complicated, especially on the romantic front. Naturally, they are only going to get even more complex. Trouble, turmoil and temptation lurks around every corner so all I ask is that you embrace your inner devil for the next stage in my journey because things are going to heat up...big time!


Love Adele Rose XX

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